Our ash token turns an existing environmental liability into an asset. Using ash helps reduce the negative environmental impacts of other REE mining methods.
Traditional mining of rare earth elements has negative environmental consequences even under the best mining practices. We believe that making use of existing ash basins is better for the environment.
China's control of REE is due to low labor costs and limited environmental laws. Here we see pipes from a rare earth smelting plant dump polluted water near Xinguang Village. We believe that the price discovery and domestic supply created by our token will help facilitate more environmentally sound REE extraction methods.
Due to the importance of REE to national security and modern life most of the major national labs have initiatives focussed on various stages of REE.
The Department of Defense,
The Environmental Protection Agency,
The Department of the Interior, and the Department
of Energy all have resources dedicated to REE.

Select Statutory Responsibilities of various US agencies

Determine materials deemed strategic and critical to national security. Preclude, when possible, a dangerous and costly dependence by the United States upon foreign sources for supplies of such materials in times of national emergency.

Determine the need to provide a long term secure supply of materials designated as critical to national security to ensure that national defense needs are met.

Ensure reliable sources of materials critical to national security, such as specialty metals, armor plate, and rare earth elements.

Establish DOD policies for developing and maintaining the defense industrial base of the United States and for continued reliable resource availability from secure sources.
Ash elements believes that distributed ledger technology supports transparency, democratized ownership, increased security, and low cost compared to other methods of exchanging value.

Free and transparent markets are foundational to economic prosperity. Currently physical ash is rarely exchanged, and when it is it is between two parties bi-laterally with limited transparency. Ash Elements believes that our token for physical ash and the use of distributed ledger technology supports free markets.
Ash Elements believes that our token increases familiarity and adoption of distributed ledgers, and supports the development of REE extraction technology by providing price discovery for the value of domestic REE's found in Ash.

Throughout history various tools have been used to record transactions. With each step of technology accuracy, security, transparency, and cost have improved. Ash Elements believes the distributed ledgers are the next revolution.
Significant scientific resources and money are being invested to commercialize environmentally responsible ways to process REE in North America.